BOULEVARD by Julie Pedersen


BOULEVARD by Julie Pedersen


2nd Place: Pot of Gold by Randall Turner

3rd Place: The End by Derek Asaff

4th Place: Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower

5th Place: Trip David Baugnon

6th Place: Facsimile Gary Makin

7th Place: Traffik by Travis Seppala

8th Place: Becoming Terpsichore by Susan Polk

9th Place: Hook by David Rocchio

10th Place: Huckster by Benjamin Tsai & Jess Kroll


The Anarchy by Adam Pachter

The Louisiana Conspiracy by Adam Pachter

The Boy Who Was Raised By Stars by Amanda Richardson

The Hippies Saved Physics by Amy Montgomery & Henry Montgomery

The Confessions Of Wanda by Analisa Leppanen-Guerra

The Disappearing Smile by Analisa Leppanen-Guerra

The Disappearance Of Birdie Hawke by Andy Froemke

Balls Out by Angela Bourassa

Behind Rebel Lines by Anthony Buono

The Main Event…In America by Antwan McKnight

The Redemption Project by April Rouveyrol

Tabula Rasa by Barbara Kelly

Huckster by Benjamin Tsai & Jess Kroll

Third Wheel by Berlyn Lee

Hope To Die by Bobby Sacher

Broadband by Bonnie Cahoon

Pay It Backwads by Bonnie Cahoon

Mr. And Mrs. Cole Porter by Brenda Clarke

Skinned by Carlos Perez

Jude by Chris Upp

Agent 355 by Christine Baker

Judging Medicine: “Inside Moves” by Christopher Sax

The Ace Of Spades by Clinton West

Fire On Ice by Courtney Suttle

The Biggest Little by Craig Page

The Squawker by Craig Peters

Sovereign Citizen by Craig Peters

A Fine Line by Dan Burns

Gunmetal Rose by Daniel Donoghue

Choke Job by David Johnson

Code Of Ethics by David Baugnon

Echo Charlie by David Baugnon

Trip by David Baugnon

Hook by David Rocchio

Whale Song by Denise Deegan

Race Across The Continent by Dennis DeBon

The End by Derek Asaff

Warden by Derek Asaff

Wrong Number by Devin Mainville

The Crossing by Ed Wiles

Purgatory High by Edward Finkelstein

First Lady by Elaine Stirling

13 East by Enrique Posner

The Trials Of Adrian Wheeler by Erik V Wolter & Steve Shear

The Code by Francesca Varisco

Facsimile by Gary Makin

Evelyn And Eddie by Gary Wallach

Ziggy And Rachel by Gregg Greenberg

Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin

Ice Saki by Jack Matosian

The Hunt by James Janowsky & Ari David

Bah, Lovebug! A Valentine Carol by Rebekah “Rx” Score & James “Doc” Mason

Tribute Band – The Rey Rayban Story by Rebekah “Rx” Score & James “Doc” Mason

Irrelevant by Jaquie Brown

Rundown by Jason Mageras

Up In Flames by Jason Kessler

Halcyon Falls by Jeff Bower

Dog Years by Jeremy Storey

Funny Devils by Jerry Cavallaro

Soul Survivor by Jessica Clothier

Boulevard by Julie Pedersen

Amir Was Here by Kahlil Maskati

Cage by Keri Schreiner

Christmastide by Kimberley Gillis

Main St. E. by Kimberley Gillis

Gary, Son Of God by Kirk Davis

Why The Willow Weeps by Lafayette Parish

Crack Up by Lilliana Winkworth

Give Me That Becky by Marina Bendocchi Alves

Trapped by Martin Blinder

The Redemption Of Frank Malone by Mary Goldman

Butterfly Children by Melanie Schiele

Junior Deputy Zombie Man by Michael Higgins

Insecurity by Mickey Newman

For A Yellow Brick Wall by Mike Gallagher

In Case Of Emergency by Molly Gardner

Shepherd by Natxo Lopez

Baker’s Dozen by Paul Glen Neuman

Davy Cricket by Paul Glen Neuman

Vampire by Peter Stead

Killer Christmas by Pippa Hinchley

Pot Of Gold by Randall Turner

There by Reagan Osborne

The Fable Of The Wounded Healer by Rebecca de Fargues

Underdoc by Regine Anour

Alternate Ending by Richard Nagle

Durango by Robert Brickman

Age Of Jackson: “Will O’ Wisp Treason” by Ryan J. Vallo

Beyond The Rim by Sean Shkurhan

Parasite Zero by Sean Bridges

Of Corset’s Mine by Sharon Soboil

Road To Heaven by Stefan Carow

Defenders Of The Realm by Stephen Paine

Punchbags by Steven Snell

Becoming Terpsichore by Susan Polk

Darkened Room by Tamara Maloney

Outside Harmony by Timothy Casto

The Crag by Tom Radovich

Altar Me by Tony Gapastione

Traffik by Travis Seppala