Dirty Words by Rachel Kempf

The Problem With Time Travel by Mike Kearby

TOP 10

Being Seen by Andi Delott

Missing Evelyn by Michele Gray

Treed by Staci Greason

The Six by Gillian Gordon

Single Family Home by Tara Hall

Lariat Girl by Suzanne Prescott

Misconception by Jill Remensnyder

Children of Ceres by Daniel McNaught

A War on Terror by Peter Haig

Feature/Pilot Semi-Finalists

(Listed in alpha order by first name.)

The Death Dealer by Adam Slutsky
Being Seen by Andi Delott
What We Lost
by Andi Delott
Man out of Time
by Arnon Shorr
The Lazarus Curs
e by Barbara Ashley
Old Hand
by Benjamin Mair
Alibi Man-Pilot
by Bob Ingraham
by Brad Vance
Blessed Lake
by Brian Millard
A Native Land
by Caitlin McCarthy
by Cara Anderson and Kristel Taylor
Near Death
by Carlo Carere
Way of the Sword
by Charles Duffie
God and Famous
by Chris Rodriguez
Starship Nautilus
by Chris Kato
by Christian Canterbury
by Christine E. Mackenzie
The Texas High School Regional Theater Festival Murder
s by Clay Liford
The New Apollo
by Corinne Caputo
by Craig Houchin
Children of Ceres
by Daniel McNaught
Other People’s
by Daniel Marmor
Between the Master
s by Elisa Leonetti
Charlie Goes to Peru
by Eljohn Macaranas
The Litany (or the Elephant, the Owl, and the Fox)
by Evan Cooper
Orville and Mae
by Gary Awad
The Six
by Gillian Gordon
by Gino DeMarco
Pony Up
by Greta Harrison and Matthew C. Vaughan
by Gustavo Avila
Never Have I Ever
by Harker Jones
by Jason Sheedy
Thirty, Dirty & Trying
by Jason Gallaher and Shruti Saran
Hoosier Daddy
by Jeffrey Field
by Jens-Frederik Otto
Between the Black Teeth
by Jerome Marshall
by Jill Remensnyder
Boundary Waters
by Joann Buckley Collins
Look At Us Now
by Jodi Beranger
Magic Bus
by Jon Stahl
by Jonathan Barger
Darryn the Bold and the Sword of Boldness
by Justin Best
Wild Horses
by Justin Marr
Leveridge Hall
by Karen Kumor
Stone Cold Crazy Mother Tucker
by Katterina Powers
Got Your Back
by Katy Dore
Caroline Buxton’s Lipstick Posse
by Kelly Karam
The Chosen One
by Kevin Loughnane
by Krystyna Loboda
Saigon Special
by Kyle Little
Tearin’ Up My Heart
by Laura Sexton
The Vision of Sara Lyle
by Leonard Varasano
by Marcus Herzberg
The Shadow Before
by Martin McSweeney
by Mary Albanese
Situation Normal…
by Mary Martinez
The Wild Heart of Alaska by Mary Albanese
The Great Con
by Matt Schutt
by Matthew Borlik
Butterfly Children
by Melanie Schiele
Token Kyle
by Melissa Emery
Mom Died
by Michael Klug
Missing Evelyn
by Michele Gray
Chasing the Dark
by Mike Bencivenga
Migrating to Reality
by Miriam Mordukhayev
Patient no More
by Mugs Cahill
The Cull
by Murray Woodfield
Dead Strays
by Neil Chase
Faster Than Bullets
by Patrick Holden
Break Up Inc.
by Paul Emami
Emily’s Toy Boy
by Paula Smith
A War on Terror
by Peter Haig
Blood and Brains
by Peter Gazdag
Power Couple
by Peter Andrews
Dirty Words
by Rachel Kempf
by Rebecca Bohanan
Unincorporated Washington County
by Rebecca Bohanan
by Rich Van Tine
Hot Dogs and Tee Shirts
by Richard Ehrenreich
Dead Man’s Gulch by Rob Rex
Feed The Monster
by Rob Rex
Wedding Season
by Rob Rex
Blue Christmas
by Robert Holbrook
Small Kine
by Samuel Nuñez
The Caretaker by Scott Nabat
Country Club Caucasian by Shane Elizabeth
Undercover Grandpa by Shannon K. Dunn
Saving Joey by Simon Wilkinson
Muddy Fork by Stacey Bean
Treed by Staci Greason
The Last Firefly at Sandpoint by Steve Trebilcock
The Magic Six by Steven Gaynor
The Breakup Buddy by Susan Bachner
The Surveillance of Ordinary Things by Susan Brunig
Lariat Girl by Suzanne Prescott
Single Family Home by Tara Hall
Fighting Johnny O’Brian by Terry Lynam
Lori Mine, Everybody by Thais Andrade
Bee Sting by Tiffany Zehnal
Circle of Illumination by Trisha DiFazio

Shorts/Web Series Semi-Finalists

(Listed in alpha order by first name.)

In A Breath by Ally May
Tir Na Nog by Ashley Callahan
The Appointment by CK Love
The Bridge by CK Love
The Wakeup by David Rowe
Waiting Period by Devin Mainville
Catherine by Evita Castine
Flourish by Fay Devlin
Discord by Helene Taylor and Jax Smith
Ready or Not? by Iman Ahmed
War Dog by J. Franklin Evans
Reasons by Jason Asnes
Odd Bird by Katy Dore
Ocean Child by Laura Koons and Marilyn Swick
Coconut Confidential by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
Desmond’s Not Here Anymore by Lindiwe Mueller-Westernhagen
The Problem With Time Travel by Mike Kearby
Encino, Sci by Mike Bencivenga
Twenty Minute Rom Com by Nada Djordjevich
Common Ground by Nada Djordjevich
Chrysalis by Nelson Downend
An Act of God by Nicole Quinn
Smile by Samuel Nuñez
Grandma’s New Boyfriend by Stephanie Westendorf
The Commie by Tony Ferrendelli

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