Top 100 of Each Genre

(Features & TV Pilots) - alphabetical order by first name


A Leap into Darkness by Ray Petrolino
A Lock and a Hard Place by Caren Kennedy
Across The Divide by Dennis O'Flyng
After Wolf by Richard Humphries
Alex Finn Vs The Nightmare Marauders by Paul Zeidman
A-Man by Jim Kowalski
A-Man by Jim Kowalski
Antillia: Conquest Gold by Jason Todd
Avalon by Christopher DeWan
Black Talon by Kris Lippert
Blood and Dreams - "Complicit" by Suzanne Griffin
Blue Mustang by Devin Lucas
Born with the Soul of a Firefly by Betz Hooper
Burned by Joshua Pitta
Burnout by Miyako Fuqua
Charles Dickens's Ghost Club by Mark Robertson
Coriander: The Lost Elephant by Jordan Sandfer
Crazy jungle by Haytham Ragab
Dark Horizons by Carlo Carere and Erin Carere
Dead Man's Gulch by Rob Rex
Dog of War by Katterina Powers
Electric Peak by Eric Maus
Escape the Amazon by Rafaella Biscayn
Exit Strategy by Mackenzie Kyle
Five Swords Under Heaven by Logan Shaw
FLAIL by Peter Fitzgerald
Fogtown (Pilot: The Cage) by Ari Gold
Frank Dresden by Colin McLaughlin
Girl of the Palio by Melissa Birks
Gone Rogue by David Gwinn
Gunpowder by Damian Hussey
H.G. Wells & The House Of Legends by Joe Bitonti
Hard Rice by Mary Nguyen
Havoc, Chaos, and A Little Disaster by Shelton Johnson
Helados by Patrick thompson
Illinois Death Race by Jake Baskin
In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray by Adam McDaniel
Joshua The Disciple by Jasmine Green
Joyless by Ryan Manns and Jocelyn Manns
Judaculla by Nathan Proczak
Killer Class of 2000 by Casimir Nozkowski
Krinkmas by Sarah Fleras
Legendary Guns by Matthew Walsh
Little Flames by Caroline Michalicki and Dick Oswell
Lorelei by Zachary Michelson
M by Kristofer Seppala
Magic Quest by David Miller
Mescalero by Anderson Boyd
Molly Wang and the Lost Kingdom by Caliann Lum
Orpheus by Richard Giarraffa
Over the Roofs of Paris by Ben Mimmack
Patience and Fortitude by Chris Healey
Phantom Pains: Pilot by Scott Gilman
Pipsqueak's Adventures "Pilot: The Giant Egg" by Heidi Segal
Prize Fight by Natalie Ganey
Red Winter by Matthew McPhee
Rick and Robby by Michael Freeman
Runaway Ship by Theodore Soderberg
Runewarriors by Tom S. Parker and Jim Jennewein
Saint Catherine's Boys by John Ravitz
Scanner by Daniel Stephenson
Scribe by C.J. Greene
Slam Bango by Dave Eisenstark
Steam by Nye Green
Strayz by Gary Bickal
Subcity by William Zide
Sun of a Bitch by Maxwell Highsmith
Target: LA by Wally Lane and William Phillips
The Abolitionists by Leslie Lyshkov
The Better Half of Me by Corey Fryson
The Brothers Fury by Dane McCauley
The Coin by Jose Rivadulla-Rey
The Creatures of Camp Fremorf by Alex Klein
The Diamondback by Michael Southworth
The Glamorous World of Samantha, Wizard. by Ed Appleby
The Golem of Cotopaxi by Arnon Shorr
The Great Tea Race by Shan Harris
The Hammer by Jason Hunter
The Hammer Falls by Travis Heermann
The Hotel Barbers by Daniel Woburn
The Imagination of Billy Coulter by Garison Piatt
The Kiss-Off by Gio Forlenza
The Last of the Mohicans 1812 by Robert Gregg
The Legend of KangMi by Dedeep Ganapathineedi
The Longest Halloween by Franklin Wood and Greg Gilman
The Outcasts by Alkyoni Valsari
The Price of Blood by Mitchell Martin
The Rommel Gambit by John Doble
The Squawker by Craig Peters
The Vengeance of Eleanor Dumont by Tim Northburg
The Weather Upsets Her by Daniel Gallant by Daniel Gallant
The Wrong Candidate-Pilot by John Ravitz
Tiger One by Christopher Corson
Verity's Game by Jennifer Giacalone
Waking Up In Kansas - Limited Series by Tony Jerris
Wasteland by Sean Mick
Wasters by David Rattray
Wing by Alan Jenkins
Your Guarded Heart by Ryan Lange


Afterparty by Erin Whitaker
Anxiety by Curt Wiser
Apart by Hunter Davis
Arbitrage by Jeremiah Lewis
Bad Choice by Gary Lippman
Beware, Wolf! by David Liberman, Jacky Revah, and Itzik Revah
Birth of a Serial Killer by Kane Seligsohn
Blink by Janice Kennedy
Blowback by Eric Murphy
Borderlands by Craig Houchin
Butched by Rickey Jewkes
Canvas by Katherine Martinez DeLeon
Cast Them Dead by Joe Kilgore
Clarion Bay by Ellen Shanley
Condemned by Tara Hall
Conflict of Interest by Christine Coe
Crisis Call Center by Tim Dufrisne
Dark Matter by Olga Holtz
Date by Christian Canterbury
Dead Name by Audrey Webb
Deep East Texas by Rachel Liebling
Diamond Payback by Craig Weeden
Dirty by Chris Craig
Don't Hate the Player by Yehuda Edelstein
Empath by Steven Michael
Evolution Zero by Madeline Rooks
Eyewitness by Benn Flore
Fever Dream by Jordan Horowitz
Gene Pool by Janice Kennedy
Gimme Danger by Lacey Jeka
Gloomtown by Lyndal Simpson
Graduation Day by Denora Boone
Grand Larceny by Raz Adoti
Grisly by Matthew Yongue
Gutshot by Anthony Pittore
H.O.V.E. Hawaiian Ocean View Estates by Denise Papas Meechan
Hashtag by Jordan Butcher and Jacob Chattman
Heartstone by Michael Williams
Hidden Witness by Marie Jones
John H. Watson, Crime Doctor Pilot by Timothy Liebe
Joliet by Ioannis Skiotes
Keeping Willow by Alicia Morote
Land of the Dying Fire by Robert Mirek
Last Request by Diana Williamson
Last Rodeo by Steeve Sampassa
Level One by Wilson Macduff
Liable by Tobias Strack
Marrow by Greg Chandler
Memory Lane by Andrew Marshall
Memory Thief by Anne Katherine
Memphis Tango by Joseph Atkins
Miami Grift by Britain Valenti
Murder Capital of the World by Leon Masters
Near Death by Carlo Carere and Erin Carere
Nemesis by Nonie Shiverick
Nevermore by Michael Goedecke
Night Bloom by Marc Lapadula
Northwoods by Luke Stockmans
Nothing Ever Happens by Sam Kench
NZR by Leon Masters
Of All the Money by Travis Ketzak
One Way Out by Alyxandrya Prynce
Paparazzo by Lesley Manuel
Parlay by Michael Santoro
Peckerwood by Clayton Rye
Pigpen by Maud Ferrari
Police Auction by Justin Martinez
Pretending To Date Tyler by Andrea Nettleton
Rain by John Rivera
Rigged by Alan J. Field
Saving Harry Snow by David Zeller
Significance by Esa Nurminen
Sleeping Lies by Monika Naidoo
Sulfur by David Allensworth
Taken From Within by Michael Casey
The Benningtons by Michael Colucci
The Black Banshee by Kyla Sylvers
The Coward by Igor Nikitin
The Heroine of Wrangel Island by Aaron Michael Bailey
The Knowledge by Alexander Osman
The Lease of Nature by Anderson Boyd
The Lebaux File by Kirkland Morris
The Mist Among the Trees by Daniel Woburn
The Ranch by Geoff Ryan
The Sins of The Father by Jacob Metcalf
The Stroke After Midnight by Thuc Nguyen
The Wall by Douglas Hackett
The Word on Friends by Erica Fagan
There's Something Wrong by Lisa Romagnoli
Tucker by Rachel Fischer
Two Graves by Paul Baiguerra
Underbelly by Sally Stubbs
Unstable by Kerry Dye
Walking Wounded by Richard Alvarez
We Are All Dead by Arthur Tiersky
Where The Apple Falls by Conor Field
Whip's Lash by Ann Carpenter
Wild Sky by Andrea Ashton
You Don't Know Jack by Les Zig
Z.APP by Justin Hayward


A Player Born by Kirby Ward
All Hallows' Night by Federico Vicino
Antarctica by Blaise Hesselgren
Arcane Point by Ruth Boukhari
Beast of Virginia by Matthew Corley
Black Mold by Jeremiah Lewis
Blood and Thunder by Joel Fishbane
Blood Debt by Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn
Blood Phone by Joe LaCroce
Boys by Michael Klug
Breakwater City by Jeremy Dehn
Cabin 7 by Nicholas Lester
Cold Iron by Jeffrey Evans
Deadeye by Andrew Goth
Death of a Nightingale by Annika Pampel
Detritus by Chris Drzewiecki
Dinner Theater by Emil Terziev
Domovina by Kate Surinskaya
Ellen Escapes! by Chris Thomson
Ellie's Tale by Rhonda R Deskins
Evolution by Mark Mc Quown
Face On by Justin Best
Fix by Jeff Bower
Gig by Krystyna Łoboda
Grisly by Matthew Yongue
Guardian by Jess Gupta
Harmony by Charles Stulck
Hope & Prey by Joe Augustyn
Hotel Jupiter by Ben Page
iKnow How You Feel by Michael Nardelli
Intended by Joe Vallese
Level by Tony Pana
Life After Earth by Briony McMahon
Little George: The Goat Sucker by Bill Daley
Low Orbit by Adam Bradley
Man out of Time by Arnon Shorr
Marked by Sandra Campbell
Matchsticks 2.0 by Shane Walsh-Smith
Metastasis by Alessandro Guarino
Modal by Kyle Jutkiewicz
Nightmare County by Dennis Johnson
NOVA - Pilot by David McAbee
NPC by Kenneth Pulgar-Vidal
Obedience by Steven Snell
Of Witches and Knights by Ryan Christiansen
Past Caring by Sam Ferguson
Phantom Lands by Nicholas Anderson
Playthings by Brendon Udy
Potential by Hannah C. Langley
Primordial by Andrew Henderson
Project Zodiac - Pilot Episode by Jules R. Simion
Qualia by Sabina Vajraca
Roaring Twenties by Tristan Strecker
Rokoko by Kirk Vanderbeek
Rosewood Falls by Jaye Lowe
Run(a)way by Benas Drabavicius
Salt West by Samuel Peirce
Scream Queen by Garon Cockrell
Seven Devils by Peter Natale
Soul Custody by Filomena Laforgia
Spaceless -- Pilot by Caitlin Reed
Spores by Pat Brown
Steady Machete by Jeff Kongs
Suburbaknight by Adam Johnson
Surface by Frank Kelly
Symbiosis by Jana Forkel
Taken in the darkest hours by Rich Lane
The Belonging by ND Streete
The Bleeding Edge by Dimitri Vadrahanis
The Calling by Michael Wallach
The Challenge of the Wendigo by Cameron Waggoner
The Community by Jason Katzman
The Dragon Whisperer by Mel Evans
The Harvesting--60-minute TV pilot by Steven Stiefel
The Haunting Role of Ursula Jane by Mark Chambers
The horned God by Alessandro Guarino
The In-Laws by Laura West
The Midnight Tour by Chris Bolton
The Nightline Attic by Denis Memedoski
The Reaper's Lullaby by Eric Therrien
The Third Place by Sam Remo
The Wind Howls by Carlos J Matos
The Woods by Trey Everett
There Are No Black People In Space by Ant Thompson
Time Hustlers by Andrew Hopps
Time Janitors by Ryan Manns and Jocelyn Manns
Trans-Human by Leon Masters
Triptych by Sharbari Zohra Ahmed and Abigaile Sands
Under the Bed by Ethan Chen
Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan by Francesco Pio Capussela
Violenta by Juan Carlos Zaldivar (aka Violenta Flores)
We are Golden by Keri Lee
We the People by Christopher Rutledge
Wendigo by David Zuckerman
When Horror Met Sally... by Ervin Anderson
White Crow by David Barbeschi
Wiped by Jeff Bower
Womb by Cathriona Slammon
Wreck Havoc by Matthew Muchka
X by Stéphanie Joalland


5150 by Patti Wall
A Ballad for Syria by Annie Macdonald and Robert B. Mac
A Good Bet by Randy White
A Shallow Drowning by Alison Rayner
Aarti by Aayushman Pandey
Alone, Together by Marcus Stricklin
American Fallout by Harry Kakatsakis
Ashes by Kevin Brodie
Author of the Epilogue by Catherine Vouvray
Beat Back the Wind by Sabrina Mansfield
Bedlam by Julia Bucci
Belladonna by Beah Travis
Blue Veil by Shireen Alihaji
Brides of Night by Scott Butterfield
Buried by Karen Frank
Can You See Me Now by Brite Chase
Chasing the Dark by Mike Bencivenga
Circle of Illumination by Trisha DiFazio
Confluence by Joel Dahl
Declaration of Conscience by Beth Milstein
Dirty Laundry by Rafaella Biscayn
Englewood by Christopher Rutledge
Final Descent by Matthew Shoulders and Rick Ramage
Find Me Somebody to Love by Lauren Skirvin
Gross Profit by Thomas Yungerberg
Happy Hour by Cynthia Mersten
Heard by Alex George Pickering
Her Seventh Death by Virginia Austin
Homegrown by Ahmed Glover
Hush Puppy by Albert Wang
Imaginary People by Sean Stapp
In Eden by Holly Beck
Inborn by Christopher Virnig and Matthew Long
INDUSTRxY by Ryan Romer
Jaded by PP Hsiung
King of Appalachia by Chase Brown
Lady Be Good by Christopher Collom
Lest More Mischance by Dave Miller
Letting Go by Estes Tarver
Love Me, Luna by Charissa Gracyk and Gillian Perdeau
Misremembered by Matthew Raup
Mississippi Mace by Rissa Thomas
Money by James Schlicker
Mourning Dove Café by Margaret Newlin Rice
Mud & Stars by Goldie Jones
My Missing Year by Stephen Foster
National Road by David Zeller
No Man's Land by Bavand Karim
Noob by Zina Kresin
Office 39 by Dave Miller
Olympus by Joseph Esposito
One Rose by Richa Rudola
Open Marriage by Isaac Richter
Out Of The Ditch by Charley Vance
Pawn by Christopher Salmieri
PostScript by Nelson Downend
Potter's Ground by Pearse Lehane
Queen of the Valley Pilot by Jade Parks
Repair The Carrows by Johnny Cruz
Ride the Wind: The Bessie Stringfield Story by Denise Meyers
Rivers of Blood by Mario Theodorou
Roadside Crosses by Solace Pineo-Cavanaugh
Run and Gun by Stephen Readey
SCOTUS by Alan Jenkins
Sentient by Dmitriy Yurovsky
Sergeant Snyder by Susan Boggio
Shooting People by Wilson Macduff
Sitting In A Tree by Andi D'Oleo
Somewhere Near St. Louis by Luke Wronski
Somewhere Not Yet Seen by Connie Rankin and Marley Singletary
Star Horse by Margaret Price
Still Life by David Miller
Sun Woman, Moon Man by Lyndal Simpson
Sunset & Fifth by Monty Floyd
Suplex by Andy Compton
The Apocalypse Kid by Davo McConville
The Bare Minimum by Eric Rudnick
The Catfish Queen by Benjamin Stranger
The Delicate Art of Dejection by Patrick Parton
The Demon Deep in Oklahoma by Lance R. Marshall
The Fairy and the Architect by Paula Redlefsen
The Magic Coupon Book by Stan Evans
The Man Doctrine by Christopher Prince
The President's Daredevils by Tim Fitzharris
The Sensational Genes - "Bullet Hole" by Claire (CT Marie) Torn
The Sensualist - A Woman in Black by Suzanne Griffin
The Show by Patrick McGrath
The Surveillance of Ordinary Things by Susan Brunig
Ties That Bind by Donna Gooden
To Lead A Different Life by Benjamin Seay
Tobacco Summer by Joyce Davidson
Under the Eye of God by Robert Bowersox
Unintended Consequences by Dominic White
Unrepentant by Ronson Duncan
Valentine by Carol Paur
VAXX by Irwin Greenstein
Vivaldi's Revenge by David Gray
Waiting for Happiness by Nelda Turcios
Wake of the Quasimodo by Lorna Norrise and Lauren Rosson
Wire Hangers by Jon Davis


8 Bytes by Sharilyn Kyle
A Wedding in Sorrento by Karen Lothan
A Wild, Wild Hoax by Jason Williams
All That Glitters by Sam Macneil
Ann Arbor by Richard Redlo
Artie Filbert is Comin' to Town! by Ted Collins and David Mickel
Assisted Living by Jonathan Vermeer
Best Dressed by Vern Lien
better! by Sam Gold
Blue Sky and I by Durnford King
Boba Rules by Jennifer Kim
Bootstrappers by Deanna Carlyle
Breaking News by Samuel Spitale
Caroline Buxton's Lipstick Posse by Kelly Karam
Casting Christmas by Thomas Chavez
Cesar and Max by Susan Klos
Cherry Bomb by Sophie Bramnick
Confederate Ghoul by Mark Solomon
Contact High by Gary White
Cooper Adler's Romantic Comedy by Jeff Opdyke
Crazy, Sexy, Ghoul by Rissa Thomas
Daddy Issues by Andrew MacQuarrie
Dating Up by Anne-Cecile Ville
Define Slut by Geonnie Wilson
Detention Centers by Kevin Johnson
Dischord by Jack Matosian
Do or Dare by Maren Curtis
Doll's House Pilot by Darlene Villanova
Double Dip by Jennifer Blankenship
Encore by Simon Schneider
Four Parts of a Horse by Bavand Karim
Ghosted by Mike Bencivenga
Ghouly Tales by Christopher Higginson
Girldad by Scott Rickels
Gladiatrix by Paige VanTassell
Guncle by Nick Black
Heather Chang Declares War by Spencer Guerrero
Highway to Heck by Joey Hargrove
Igor and Frankie by Jim Picariello
I'm a Prisoner in an Alien Zoo by Adam Kaiser
In Oliver's Image: An Offbeat Love Story by Jeff Peck
In the Storm by Vanita Borwankar
In Your Dreams by James Purdy
Issues by Kelly Lansing
Jail Break by Jordan Taylor
Jillian's Cafe by Kristina Burke
John Wicklebaumhausen by Jeff Walkley
King of the Feather Wars by Tim Fitzharris
Last Stop Before Valhalla by Phil Olson
Legal Aliens by Kimberly Truong
Let's Rob Mel Gibson by Anthony Petito and Joe Petito
Little Green Mend by Brian Menz
Lord Ockley & the Alien by Stan Evans
Love, Pandora by Elizabeth Dwyer
Marry F. Kill by Bree Wyrd
Merry and Bright by Pamela Hugi
Michael Wants To Marry by Jen Bieser
Milton DeMedici, Artiste Extraordinaire by Daniel Broderick
My Big Big Sword by William Rock
Norman Brody and the Magic Psychology Practice by Steven Vivell
Norms-Vill by Simi Ten
O Cannibal by Ilana Gordon
Old Friends by Jess Beck and Ilana Fischer
Orlok Elementary by Mélodie Simond
Otter Town by Jule Jessenberger
Pigs with Paws by Kevin Rexroat
Pulpo Paul by Rebeca Melara
Quarantine Film Club by Justin Van Voorhis
Roswell, Adjacent by Diana Wright
Scratcher by Paul Glen Neuman
Seldon Seen by Peter Feuchtwanger
Selling Out by George Barnett
Sitcom Girl by Evan Purcell
Sleaze by Brian Farrey-Latz
Snowflakes by Karon Aghotte
So, a Rabbi and a Comedian… by Allan Staples
Southfield Supernovas 4228 by Ruthie Marantz
Templars in Space by Max Sartor
The Best Last Family Christmas by Christine O'Keefe
The Big Pig by GB Hajim
The Crime Readers by Devin O'Neill
The Earl of Christmas by Harry ter Haar
The Last Stand of the Lone WOLFs by Maren Curtis
The Porn Czar by Michael Elliott
The Sad Side of the South by Ben Moody
The Stand-Up by Lou Wollin
The Weasel by Brianna Cohen
Third Party by Jeri McGwin
Throwing Hammers by Michael Graf
Ticket to Mars by Jason Ginsburg
Trip Trip by Benjamin Pyne and Melissa Pyne
Unexplainable by Jack Anderson
Unmatched by Arthur Tiersky
VAMP E.R. by Luke Zwanziger
Walk Like an Egyptian by Kim Jacobs
Wayward Amongst the Stars by Greg Vest
We Are Not Cheating by Lisa Romagnoli
Why Didn't You Tell Me? by Jade Shine
Wicked Goode by Jennifer Carson and Wendy Brotherlin
You Don't Know Jack by Andrea Ashton


A British Hacker in America by Paul Field
A Revolutionary Act by Lisa Russell
After Greensboro by Deborah Goodwin
AGENT 355 by Christine Baker
Ambition Girl by Paula Walks and Tom Swanston
Amsterdam Exposed by Robert Vink
Badlands Bully by Nick Davis
Behind the Right Field Screen by Richard Minkoff
Beyond Hollywood by Anton Diether
Black Cat by Chris Phillips
Blind Justice by Ramona Taylor
Browser Wars by Yusuf Gad
Camelot Postscript by Dave Miller
Century by Jason Fraley
Champagne Tony Lema by Myron Kukla
Coldwater by Craig Berger
Convict Candidate by Matthew Myers
Cop Killer by Greg Goodness
Courage: Our Credo by Hayden Bownds and Erik Dabrowski
Days in the Dark: The Life of Vito Russo by Terrence Cooper
Debating X (10-2020) by Adam Pachter
Destiny at Daytona: The Frank Lockhart Story by John Bayer
Djilas by Xander Bernstein
First Drop of Rain by James P Brosnahan
Five Pounds Sterling by Pamela Goossen
Found by Chad Briggs
Francesca's Passion by Lisa Mouhibian and Massimo Pianiri
Front Line by Rylee Mocknowed
General Grant is Doomed! by James Saunders
Gesualdo by Vaughn Roste
I Am Virginia by Giovanni Vines
I Enjoy Being a Girl! by Brandon Krajewski
It Rained Warm Bread by Dwight Brown
Jho Low by Ky-Gan Teng
Jumper and Jake by Caitlin Amans
Kaltenhouse by Don Thompson
La Maupin by Christina Hulen
Lafayette Square by Katherine Martinez DeLeon
Little Island of Joy by Christopher Carlson
Louise by Grace Karman Graham
Love Has No Boundaries by Ashok Ambardekar
Lydia Pinkham's Potions by Renee Buck
Madeline and the Submarine by Andrew Green
Marshal Bass Law by Sterling Daniels
Modern Art by Laurence Fuller
Mystik by Craig Fleming and Chris Webster
Ode to Freedom by Robert Coles and Bartley McSwine
Oleandrin by Nick Davis
P.O.W. Story by Joe McClean
Piney Ridge by La'Chris Jordan
Ponzi: The Prince of Pi Alley by Monica Paxson
Portland by Michael Weinreb
Renaissance Men by Alexander Fichera
Riding with Charlie by Shintaro Ogai
Rollout! by Stephen Blackburn
Rube by Daniel O'Brien
Saigon Doll by Tony Ferrendelli
Salt of the Earth by Leslie Nipkow
Sanson by Shiva Rodriguez
Sarah & Jack by Joann Collins
Searching for Tutankhamun by Ariane Hahusseau
Shades of Gray by Kirkland Morris
Solitude of Self by Susan Baronoff
Spitfire by Evan Balkan
Splinter by Andy Maycock
Stagecoach Mary and Mother Amadeus by Wendy Wolverton
Sumvabitch by Victoria Henderson
Sunbeam by Nick Padmore
Swing Low by Travis Ketzak
The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy by Robert Cole
The Coal Miner's War by Randall Reese
The Defiant One by Veialu Aila-Unsworth
The End-of-Summer Guest by John Orlock
The Freedom Ring : The Story of Henry Ward Beecher by Keith Wright
The German King by Adetokumboh M'Cormack and Matt Feit
The Ghost of Pembroke Lodge by Olga Holtz
The Girl With The Red Hair by Caitlin Gallo and Brittany Harris
The Great Rising - Pestilence by Matthew Allen
The Haight by Kimba Henderson
The Liutenant Nun by Matthew Bernstein
The Pearl of Gloucestershire by Paula Podgurski
The Red Arrow by Anat Golan
The Ring, Episode 1: "Dionysus" by William Gerrard
The Stolen Empire by Sherry Ficklin
The Unfinished Sonata by Ariane Hahusseau
The Untamed by Olga Holtz
The Wardrobe by Peter Noel
The Welshman by Andrew Irvine
The White Witch Of Rose Hall by Shaunia McKenzie
They Also Serve… by John McCarney
Unbroken by Heather Hamel
Vagabond Clown Saint by Murray Woodfield
Valentine by Debra Sharkey
Valley of the Lion by Joshua Katz
Vincent and Paul: Unspoken Brotherhood by Frank Hays
Vodoun by Stuart Creque
Walking Free The Nellie Zimmerman Story by Carol Hoffman
Whiteness of Bones by Melissa L. White
Wildcat by Cat Dale
Willy of Doetinchem by Jennifer Lee

Top 25 Shorts

(All Genres)

alphabetical order by first name

1988 by Frances Dickenson and Caz Gorham
#30s by Amira Mustapha & Cristy Reynoso and Juan Ramirez, Jr.
9 Minutes by Alan Mehanna
A Guy Walks into a Bar by Gio Forlenza
Air Kiss by Gio Forlenza
Circles by Brian Farrey-Latz
Crescendo by Nathan Mccoy
Customer Service by Karsten Freeman
Graduation Day by Denora Boone
Infancy Edits by J. Steven Madura
It's OK. He's Friendly. by Brian Menz
Losing Rudolph by Clark Ransom
Love In The Time Of by Kate Kugler
Sparkle Moon by Diane Schmitz
Sumvabitch by Victoria Henderson
The Filmmaker by JaBre Glass
The Ghost of Pembroke Lodge by Olga Holtz
The Great Wingzini by Shaun Radecki
The Icebox by Brian Gross
The Lebaux File by Kirkland Morris
The Other Daughter by Liz Osborne
There's Something Wrong by Lisa Romagnoli
True RomanZe by Nazelah Jamison
Uber by George Barbakadze
Yae: Blind Samurai Woman by James Mason and Akiko Izumitani


Grand Prize Winner

(Features & TV Pilots)

Offbeat (But On Point) by Marshall Gillson

Grand Prize Winner


The Ride by Kimberly Truong

Top 10 Shorts

(All Genres)

alphabetical order by first name

Do Tell by Bree Wyrd

A Foot Apart, A Chasm Between by Brian Cohen

Deb & Joan by Isaac Rathbone

Jackie by James Grayford

Follower by Joanna Cavlan

I Met With My Band by Joe McAdoo

The Ride by Kimberly Truong

Simulation by Peter Jang

The Assassination of Lost Innocence by Qiana Chukura

Aurora by Tim Debruler

Genre Winners

(Features & TV Pilots)

Year of the Horse by Brandon Carbaugh

Big Stick by Linda MacPherson Davidson

Revelations by Johnny Gilligan

Top 10 of Each Genre

(Features & TV Pilots) - alphabetical order by first name


In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray by Adam McDaniel

Year of the Horse by Brandon Carbaugh

Paladin by Bridget Bell McMahon

Frank Dresden by Colin McLaughlin

The Cauldron by Edi Ibok

Bloodlands by Emma Carter and David Guthrie

Ice by Heather Donnell

Wild C.A.T. by Lena Pousette

The Crimes Of Paris by Michael Stark

Call Out by Nir Shelter

Minimum Comfortable Distance by Steven Snell


Haloperidol Files by Adrienne Arno

Something To Hide by Brent Weindling

Goochelaar by Garrett Vander Leun

Necessary Detour by Kim Hornsby

Socrates H, Behavioral Detective by Kimon Koufogiannis

Big Stick by Linda MacPherson Davidson

Gone Too Long by Lori Roy

Venice of America by Michael Graf

Under Act by Nir Shelter

The Mender by R.B. Ripley


The Digital Detective by Alan Hoffman

NeverMore by Betsy Morris

Stop! : A Horror Anthology by Chris Wiltz

Seance by Christian Canterbury

Flint Hill by Elizabeth Conrad-Yanders

All American Girl by Goldie Jones

Hear No Evil by Harry Chadwick

Between the Black Teeth by Jerome Marshall

Revelations by Johnny Gilligan

Abandoned by Malik Vallo

Top 100 of Each Genre

(Features & TV Pilots) - alphabetical order by first name


In the Footsteps of Thaddeus Thackeray by Adam McDaniel

A Gentleman's Heist by Alec Konz

Radio Dial by Alec Konz

A Good Day To Kill by Andreas Andersson

Jump by Andrew Stussie

Shamrock by Barry Clark

True North by Branden McKenzie

Year of the Horse by Brandon Carbaugh

Two Cops! by Brian Corcoran

Paladin by Bridget Bell McMahon

One Armed Bandits by Bruce Dundore

The Concrete Jungle by Carlo Irwin

United States of Rebellion - Pilot by Christopher Jivan

The Devil, a Rebel, a Fool by Clay Fusco

Frank Dresden by Colin McLaughlin

The Monkeypod by Dane Krogman

Keys to the Kingdom by Dane McCauley

Prophet by Daniel Corey

Rainbow Girl and the Mud Boy by Daniel Kemp

Captain P.O.C. by Daniel Contreras

Legacy One: Luana by Danielle R Erlich

The Pines by David Crane

The Mind Cage by David Wheeler

O'Malleys Critter Control by David Schwartz and Michael J. McDonough

Blue Mustang by Devin Lucas

Kaltenhouse by Don Thompson

Dead Desert by Douglas Weissman

The Colony by Drina Connors

Kay The Cauldron by Edi Ibok

Bloodlands by Emma Carter and David Guthrie

The Longest Halloween by Frank Wood and Greg Gilman

Loose Ends by Gary Bickal

The Mob Priest - Book I by Gavin Rapp

Finding Eden by Gerald Dude

Ren Faire Versus Aliens by Harry Aspinwall

Trident by Heath Houseman

Ice by Heather Donnell

Nemesis by Helena Derett

Smuggler's Moon by Iris May and Leia Vogelle

Bulldozer Girl by Irwin Greenstein

Young Guns N' Roses: The Spaghetti Western Incident by J. Christensen

Dragon Queen's Revenge by James McCorkindale

Antillia by Jason Todd

Neptune's Prison by Jax Kearney

Killed Twice in Texas by Jayson Crittenden

Follow the Badge by Jayson Crittenden

Blood Runs Red by Jim Gilbertsen

EcoFront by John McHale and Maggie McHale

The Wrong Candidate by John Ravitz

A Sisters' Tale by John Baiori

Garden's of Lillyester by Jordan Diambrini

The Last Frontier by Joshua Frazar

Pamela & The Time Machine Mystery by Julia Montanez

Lumo Sum by Justin Vedrine

Mistress by Justin Vedrine

Alanna Grimm by Kari Mote

American Exodus by Katherine Craddock

Masked-Man by Keith Planit

Isgelief the Calm by Kiernan Mooney

Grenadine by Krister C. Johnson

Planet Ice by Krister C. Johnson

Hurricane Tara by Kyle Curry

The Lion's Chambers by Kyle Curry

Wild C.A.T. by Lena Pousette

Soiled Dove by Leslie Ann Coles

Sacred Profanity by Malcolm Wong

Transference by Mark Spera

The Crimes Of Paris by Michael Stark

Plan Of Action by Michael Vuksanic

2 Inches to Miami by Michael Gossette

The Conspiracist by Michael Egenolf

Smoke on the Water by Michael Gossette

Spoiler by Michael Sajewski

Evening, Master Parsley by Michael Colucci

The Dark Web by Michelle Conklin

Old Guys by Mike Ryan and Brian Bird

Running Gun by Mike Bencivenga

Predators: Hunters Moon by Mike Wilson

Earth Revolved by Mona Larson

Artefacts by Ned Napier

Blood Runs Deep by Nick Amatuzio

Call Out by Nir Shelter

Under the Sino-sun by Pedro Santos

Coyote by Peter Lancucki and Michael Ryan Assip

The Euripides Engine by Peter Andrews

Resurrection Bones by Richard Averill

Saberfish by Richard Alvarez

Tony Enclave Will Be Right Back by Robbie Robertson

The Musketeers and the Zombies by Robert Cole

Plight by Ronald Sandoval

Phantom Pains by Scott Gilman

Survival by Stacey Bean

The Youngest Doughboy by Steve Sterling

Blind Spot by Steve Garvin

Minimum Comfortable Distance by Steven Snell

Blood and Dreams: "Complicit" by Suzanne Griffin

Swan and Crow: The Tulum Machine by Vera Neverkevich and Katherine Eyres

Family Spies by Warren Clarke

Approaching Samsun by William Wells

Duskfall by Zac Chambers


Get Me Out of Here by Aaron Martz

House Hunted by Aaron Weisblatt

Design by Adam King

Pale Darkness by Adrian Roman

Triumph the Lion by Adrian Brijbassi

Haloperidol Files by Adrienne Arno

Cerebral by Alex Avila

An American Portrait by Amy Asbjørnsen

ThunderKids by Andrew Hopps

Masterpiece by Ann Raziel

The Trial by Ashley Hudson

Thank God It's Monday by Ben Bigelow

The Toilet Paper Murders by Bob Brill

Something To Hide by Brent Weindling

The Genome by Brian Walsh

Stand Your Ground by Byron Marsh

The Inheritance by Caleb Claxton

Just Jane by Carl Huebner

Were by Carter Friend

A Free Man by Chelsea Harfoush

Forsaken by Chris Cusano

Wounds by Christian Hearn

Date by Christian Canterbury

Blood Pact by Dan Goldman

Critical by Danny Katz

Unbalanced by Dara Murphy

Schoolgirl Sweethearts by Darren Callahan

The Fulfillment by David Flanagan

A Good Sunday For Everybody by Dewayne Edwards

Beaumont by Drew Johnson

House of Three Ravens by Drina Connors Kay

The Word on Friends by Erica Fagan

The Selection by Evan Michael and Zak Johnson

Deny, Deny, Deny by Gail Brice

Goochelaar by Garrett Vander Leun

Reset by Gretchen Klein

Apart by Hunter Davis

Zion by James Raynor

Bathory by Jason Rabold

Phone Man by Jeffrey Chase

The Penetration Expert by Jeffrey Chase

Soul Jumpers by Jeffry Chaffin

Cease Fire by Joanna Cavlan

Off the Strip by Jonathan Wickremasinghe-Kuhn

Fever Dream by Jordan Matthew Horowitz

ZigZag by Keith Planit

Necessary Detour by Kim Hornsby

The Dream Jumper's Promise by Kimberley Hornsby

Moody & The Ghost by Kimberley Hornsby

Socrates H, Behavioral Detective by Kimon Koufogiannis

Saigon Special by Kyle Little

Post Script by Leah Friedman

Trapped by Lesley McShane

Serpentine by Leslie Davis

Big Stick by Linda MacPherson Davidson

Gone Too Long by Lori Roy

The Farrell Girl by Lyndal Simpson

The Script by Lynn Elliott

The Animus by Mandy Foster

Legacy by Marc Johnson

Kudzu by Marisa Forrest

House: The Prisoner and the Demon by Mark Cary

Hitch by Matt Wittig

Venice of America by Michael Graf

The Harbinger by Michael Gossette

Love Lost in a Boat by Michael Angelo

The Portrait by Michael Gossette and John Imsdahl

Slam Kinesis by Michael Hahn

Alice Is Gone by Michaela von Schweinitz

Catch as Catch Can by Monty Floyd

Angels of War by Natalie Bergman

Under Act by Nir Shelter

Uncut by Nir Shelter

The Other Side by Nonie Shiverick

Enemy of the People by Peter Eichstaedt

Napa Noir by Peter Eichstaedt

The Mender by R.B. Ripley

Pop Video by Richard Stringham

The Ones That Haunt You by Richmond Riedel

Retribution by Rob Magnotta

The Yeti by Rob Magnotta

Rational Panic by Robert Rhyne

Strain by Robert Wooldridge

Non-Binary by Robert Tobin

Tamper by Ron Peer

Canary by Sage Wells

Gasp by Samuel Spitale

Dun Territory by Scott Gilman

The Caretaker by Scott Nabat

Bad Seeds by Sean Nash

Good From Evil by Seaton Kay-Smith

Gabriel's Lyre by Simon Ludgate

Kilo Valley by Stephen Rivele and C.L. Taylor

Hunter Killer by Steve Garvin

Precursor by Steve Brown

C.T. 1440 by Susan Katz

Welcome to Sunnyfields by Tobias Tobbell

House of Jade by Tomek Chenczke

Brother by Tyler Dowey

Down South by Will Canon


In the Dark by Adam King

Suburbaknight by Adam Johnson

The Digital Detective by Alan Hoffman

Tooth & Nail by Alan Hoffman

The Eventide Hotel by Allison Hanna

Syzygy by Ariel Schmiedhauser

Man out of Time by Arnon Shorr

The Desert by Ben Bigelow

NeverMore by Betsy Morris

Scream Play by Bill Swotes

Lurking Fear by Brad Hinton

Emergent by Brian Kazmarck

Roller Soul by Carolyn Hamilton

Stop!: A Horror Anthology by Chris Wiltz

Seance by Christian Canterbury

Muse in the Mazeum by Clay Fusco and Pamela Chiacchiaro

Quarantine Cruise by Dan Marmor

Cracksmen by Daniel Corey Chameleon by Daniel Corey

Damned by Daniel Southworth

The Familiar by David Flanagan

Until The Last Drop by Dylan Diveley

Kill'em Twice by Eduardo Fierro

Flint Hill by Elizabeth Conrad-Yanders

Dinner Theater by Emil Terziev

Perfect World by Emil Faithe

Forever After by Emil Faithe

Shadows of Death by Erin Dooley

When Horror Met Sally... by Ervin Anderson

Dead Stop by Evan Michael and Zak Johnson

The West Moon Chronicle-Ch1: The Green & The White by Frank Kim

Virgo: Year Zero by Gil Luna

All American Girl by Goldie Jones

Artificial Emotion by Graham Higgins

Hear No Evil by Harry Chadwick

To Serve The Poor by J. Christensen

Within the Living by J. Blake Fichera

An Angel's Cry by James Bingham

Sol by James Fox

Bad Company by Jeff Galante

Poultrygiest by Jeff Shevlowitz

Persona by Jeffrey Howe

V1 by Jeremy Gough

Between the Black Teeth by Jerome Marshall

Yankee Doodle Zombie by Joe Dzikiewicz

Cyber by Joe Dzikiewicz

The Devil's Tide by John McCoy

Soul Sisters by John Baiori

Companion by John Darbonne

Revelations by Johnny Gilligan

Woke by Johnny Gilligan

Savant by Johnny Gilligan

Air Zombie by Jon Stout and Samantha Henderson

The Butcher by Jonathan Barger

The Paisley Witch Trial by Julia Campanelli

Face On by Justin Best

Ghost Species by Justin Hayward

The Evil Debt by Karina DaSilva

The Last Spaceman by Kathryn Ferentchak

Kinetic by Kylie Eaton

NZR by Leon Masters

A Dark and Stormy Night by Linda Rumney

Mad Mary by Lisa Maree Dewberry

Abandoned by Malik Vallo

Husker by Marc Johnson

M - Demon Killer by Mark Hammond

Moondreamers by Mary Albanese

Wreck Havoc by Matthew Muchka

Beast of Virginia by Matthew Corley

Lambs to the Slaughter by Matthew Borlik

Whoever Fights Monsters by Michael Fine

The Shell by Michael Lizarraga

Night Creeps by Michael D'Ambrosio

Trip by Michael Klug

The Resonance by Mike Kearby

The Chrome Hollow by Nelou Keramati

Tipsy Crow by Patrick Hatten

What Are We Doing Here? by Peter Baron and Ryan McMullen

Nexilis by Rachael James

The Vessel by Ray Schillaci

The Hijacked Nicomachus by River Kero

Whistler's Mother by Robbie Robertson

Devil's Wash by Robbie Daw

Past Caring by Sam Ferguson

Monsters Under the Bed by Sam Dabbs and R.J. Harbour

The Deep: Pilot by Scott Seagren

Clay by Sheldon Gleisser

Longwall by SJ Davis

Alpha 8 by Stephanie Elie

My Pet Zombie by Stephen Daniels

Obedience by Steven Snell

Glimpses by Tammy Klembith

The VR (The Virtual Reality) by Terence Brody

Rosefrost by Theodore Bronson

American Donuts by Thomas Brightman

Hair of the Dog by Thomas Zambeck

The Eighteenth by Tim Gabrielle

The Huntsman of Corvinus by Timothy Bryan

Twin Primes by William Ustruck

The Legends Within by Zayda Exeliz

Top 25 Shorts

(Action/Adventure, Mystery/Crime/Thriller, Horror/Sci-Fi)
alphabetical order by first name

Follower by Joanna Cavlan

Watermarked by Ray Schillaci

The Robosexual by Alden Peters

Harbinger by Jean Michel Arlin

Appointment for Hope by Daniyal N. Khan

Sinking by Alexandra Keister

Abigail's Curse by Whitney Ellis

The Allure of Black Fish by Kathy Patterson

Monster by Kurt Choate

Sweet Tooth by Vanessa Branch

Simulation by Peter Jang

Willing by Simone Yehuda

Adam2 by Luke Baker

Deliverance by Olga Holtz

Vegan-tarian by Brian Cohen

Possum by Lyndal Simpson

Deb & Joan by Isaac Rathbone

Date Night by Karina DaSilva

T.I.V.D. by Aslan Hollier

Stay Out by Ashley Dozier

Aurora by Tim Debruler

Skin by Katrina Bertrand

A Foot Apart, A Chasm Between by Brian Cohen

Do You Dream of Lightspeed? by MJ Sugrue

Idle Hands by Robert Armanyous

Genre Winners

(Features & TV Pilots) - alphabetical order by first name

On Time by Xavier Burgin

But On Point by Marshall Gillson

Newton by William Zide

Top 10 of Each Genre

(Features & TV Pilots) - alphabetical order by first name


The War Girls by Alyssa Ross

Of Saints & Scholars by Amy Allen

Everyone Dies Alone by Mad Matthewz

Station Number Six by Roman Clay

Living by Kate Levitt

Hunter Killer by Steve Garvin

"Untitled 'Angry Black Man' Script" by Malachi Moore

Trap Doors by Catherine Vouvray

Jaded by PP Hsiung


Glorious Mack by Vern Lien

The Franchise by James Grayford

No Place Like Hutch by Jake Farrago

High Again by Joanna Johnson

Joker & The Thief by Mark Turner

Stunt of the Century by Bob Corso

My Monster by David Carren

Elizabeth Kline Has No Friends by Emily Wahlund

Mobster Makeover by Gina Brulato

Historical / Bio

Lancer's Down by Montgomery Floyd

The Outlaw Years by Maura O'Connell

Barnstorming: A Story Of Sex And Baseball by Ronald Drescher

The Clever Girl by David Carren

Baghdad by the Bay by Michael Weinreb

Riding With Charlie by Shintaro Ogai

Phantom Blues The Legend of Robert Johnson by Michael Gossette and John Imsdahl

The Politics of Heroin by Michael Wallach

The Press by Robert Mellette

Top 100 of Each Genre

(Features & TV Pilots) - alphabetical order by first name


Journey to Fisterra by Alan Lambert

Open Wound by Alan C. Beard

The Interpretation by Alexander Clavijo and Katherine VanPelt

The War Girls by Alyssa Ross

Of Saints & Scholars by Amy Allen

La Nouvelle Orleans by B.J. Grogan

Aroused by Barry Jay

Scattered Seeds by Brad Catherman

Blackrush by Brent Beath

Brute by Brian McCauley Johnson

Guts by Caitlin Stow

Trap Doors by Catherine Vouvray

Foundtown by Chelsea Totten

The Brothers Darwin by Chloe-Lynn Russo

The Gospel According to Keith by Clark Kokich

The Big Blind by Courtney Amis

Worlds Apart by Cynthia Riddle and Julie Kohner

Mr. Cotton by Dale E. Turner

Diorbivol by Damien Mulvany

Sudan! by Darcy Vernier

The Millionaire by Darryl G Busara

Road by David Sanders

Comedown by Dominic Flanagan

The Last Truth of Solomon Hutson by Don Mousted

Majority Rules by E. Amato

The Separating Sickness by Emily Redinbo

The Smugglers' Tunnel by Eric Murphy

Better Angels by Gary Bickal

The Tenth: Story of the Buffalo Soldier by George Edward

Fernandez Piratessa by Heidi Gilbert

Away With My Heart by Hoyt Richards

Invisible Prisons by Hoyt Richards

A Nun And An Officer by James Anthony

By Year End by Jason Lancaster

Punks! by Jason Rotolo

Hell Comes To Montana by Jayson Crittenden

NYC Yoga Inc. “Bharadvaja’s Twist Sex, Drugs and Yoga” by Jeanine Abraham

The Exterminator by Jeff Woods

Backspin by Jennifer Dunbar

Conscious by Jennifer Iacobino

The Rifle by John Conner

Captain C! by John Paul Su

The West Texas Waltz by John Paul Porter

American Easy by Judd Schlossberg

Grounded by Julia Hoffman

Hope Falls by Karin Maxey

Living by Kate Levitt

Ungodly by Kate Roche

The Waiting Wives by Katherine Bowman

The Nature of Things by Kelsey Tucker

Sugar by Kerri Quinn

Visceral Fatherland by LeLe Park

Francesca's Passion by Lisa Mouhibian and Massimo Pianiri

Ace of Spades by Lyndon McGill

Everyone Dies Alone by Mad Matthewz

"Untitled 'Angry Black Man' Script" by Malachi Moore

Ride the Tsunami by Marlene Asher Cocchiola

No Return To Here by Martin Bard

Auntie - The Black Widow Baker by Mary Albanese

Valley of Secrets by Matt Curtsinger

Butterfly Children by Melanie Schiele

This Is How It Ends by Melia Gabriel

All We Have by Michael Corleone

End of Day by Michael Corleone

Lonesome Highway by Michael Gossette

Once More With You by Michael Corleone

Bison Man by Michael Rhodes

Project Nova: Pilot by Milan Sanghani

Death Knock by Niamh O'Connor

Identity by Nicholas Brown and Andy Sandberg

Reset Button by Paul Root

Jaded by PP Hsiung

This Close by Randy Steinberg

The One Percent by Ray Keller and Richard Schmidt

The Vessel by Ray Schillaci

Solomon's Choice by Richard Geiwitz

True Believer by Richard Geiwitz

Just Kill Me by Rick Geiger

Filthy Stinkin' Rich by Robert McAndrew

Soul•Ace by Roi Costa

Death of the Queen of Hearts by Roman Clay

Station Number Six by Roman Clay

Castleton Divide by Ron Salkind Meliment

Hi De Ho Man by Ron Salkind Meliment

A Case of Subtle Beauty by Sandra Fox-Sohner

Clockbreaker - Pilot: "Tick, Tock" by Sara Norcott

Great American Ramen by Shelley Gillespie

Minor Modifications by Shia Labeouf

Jerusalem Road by Simone Yehuda Roadside

Crosses by Solace Pineo-Cavanaugh

The Noble by Stacey Bean

The Secret Lives of 1861 by Stacey Bean Hunter

Killer by Steve Garvin

The Blue Lantern by Stewart Lindh

Higher Primates by T. Siena

I'll Give You My Heart by Tamara Steren

Christening by Ticha Kamila

Jim Thorpe, PA by Tom Morash

Trying Times by Tyler Tamulinas

Square Pegs by Wendy Nichols

All We Are by Will Stewart

On Time by Xavier Burgin

My World At Night by Zoë Greenbaum


A More Adequate Union by Alan Franciose

Last Night Changed It All by Alan C. Beard

Word is Out by Alan Madden

Van Goat by Alex Spresser

Brook Farm by Alexander Wake

Meet The Daemons by Andrea Lawson

The Reboots by Andrea Lawson

Shenanigans by April Linscott

I Don't Know by Arthur Tiersk

Third Wheel by Berlyn Lee & Maggie B. Cibik

Boom!Town by Bob Pondillo

Stunt of the Century by Bob Corso

Irish Jack Does Good by Brent Beath

Musky Hole Rep by Brian Kahn and Lana Wilson

Les Go! by Catherine Vouvray

Dream of Teen Spirit by Chloe-Lynn Russo

Wee Wee by Chris Rosser

The Janitor by Christopher Hughes

Salad Days by Cole Rosenberg-Pach

The Mythical Golden Trout by Craig Peters

The Squawker by Craig Peters

Weekend at Bernie's III by Craig Miller

My Little Strip Club by D Foerster

24hr Donuts by Danny Shoshan

Life After Death by David Two-Saint

My Monster by David Carren

Gun Bunnies by David Gray

High Church by David Gray

Blue Agave by Donald Valley

Scraps by Edi Ibok

Painting With Dog by Eliot Applestein and Marta Vogel

Starstruck by Elizabeth Dwyer

Silicon Girls by Ellen Ancui

Elizabeth Kline Has No Friends by Emily Wahlund

Code-Switch by Eric Myrick

Unperfect Match by Ervin Anderson

The Perfect Christmas Dinner by George Edward Fernandez

Mobster Makeover by Gina Brulato

The Breakup List by Grant Lyon

Ren Faire Versus Aliens by Harry Aspinwall

No Place Like Hutch by Jake Farrago

Bar Fight: A Love Story by James Grayford

The Franchise by James Grayford

On Tilt- A Story Of Silverball Sisterhood by Jason Whitehead

Kingdoms and Nations: The Inland Journey by Jedidiah Carlson

High Rise Pilot - "Election Day" by Jeff Ingber

High Again by Joanna Johnson

The Messenger by Joanna Johnson

Catching Up by John Logan

Three Brothers by Joseph Cassotta

Grandson of Sam by Julianne Bianchi

We're Together by Julie Kraut

DMV by Kayla Linkletter

The Idiocratic Method by Keith Leu

The Dubs by Kerri Quinn

Public Access by Kevin Hanna

Coasting by Laura Messer Jackson

Dumbest Generation by Leslie Lyshkov

Fruit of the Womb by Lidia Ryan

The Bridge Club by Lou Eftimoff

Love Big by Lydia Fiore

Deported by Mark Weiner

Hit Escape by Mark Reynolds

Joker & The Thief by Mark Turner

New Church by Mark Perlick and Matt Boda

Bag Snatchers: A Halloween Comedy by Marlon Green

But On Point by Marshall Gillson

Senseless Confidential by Marty Beaudet

Match Made In Heaven by Maryanne Woods

Salt Daddies by Matthew Cameron

The Last Ones by Matthew Manson

AmeriCon Dreamers by Michael Waller and Sydney Blackburn

Maybe Not Okay by Michael Quintana

People are Strange by Michael Colucci

Billy Fez by Michi Broman

Whack Wednesday by Morgan Smalley

Life $upport by Noah Edelson

Life Coach by Phillip Ramati

First Time Buyers by Rebecca Bohanan

Fat Lady Sriracha by Reeyaz Habib

The Missile by Richard Geiwitz

Cities of Gold by Robert Peters

The Further Adventures of Jimmy Lynch by Robert Rossetti

This Land is Your Land by Robert Rossetti

The Honeypot by Rodney Bernardo

Loving Me Straight by Ruby Smith

Wise Girls by Sally Courtois

Blood Moon by Sara Hallowell

Finally! by Sean Nash

Re-Human by Sergei Pedersen

Defenders of the Realm by Stephen Paine

Get Schlossed by Stewart Fergus

Jellyfish Bones by Tali Chais Fergal

Family B&B by Tanya Carleton

Lovrics Glorious Mack by Vern Lien

The Reunion by Vika Evdokimenko and Oliver Shuster

Fugitive Sweetheart by Vincent Paterno

Stand Tall! by Vincent Paterno

Green Wars by Warren Clarke

He's A Winner by Warren Clarke

Historical / Bio

Meatless by Adam Pasen

Killing Che by Alexander Vargas

Beyond Hollywood by Anton Diether

Freedom Soldier by Armelle Lajus

Lone Woman: The Elizabeth Blackwell Story by Barbara Shaw

Queen Of Cuba by Brendan Gore

Clerc by Carol Schneider

Flight 49 by Craig Sabin and Greg Zekowski

Curtains by Cynthia Riddle

First In Flight by Dan Goforth

Riggers by Dane Krogman

The Monkeypod by Dane Krogman

Moriarty: The Dark Chamber by Daniel Corey

Smalls by Dave Eisenstark

Korematsu Versus United States by David Case

The Clever Girl by David Carren

Those Who Wander by David Neal and Oscar Sanchez

Jitterbug! by DC Copeland

Fly Girls by Deborah Seibel

Lady Franklin Rock by Donald Hauka

Cahoots by Elan Carlson

Up in the Sky by Elijah Olson and Eric Zimmermann

Small World by Eric Glawe

The Devil's Providence: Salem Story by Eric Glawe

Love and Insurrection by Ernestina Juarez

Peace Pledge by George Johnson

Goldsby-Buffalo Soldier by Georgianne Landy-Kordis

Artemisia, an Allegory of Painting by Gisella Faggi

The Posting by Halli Lorenzato

The Covenant by Hardin Young

The Witch of Pungo by J Darin Wales

Mad Jack by J. Christensen

Loca: Pearls Before Swine by Jacqueline Graham

Harlem Hell Fighters by Jayson Crittenden

Flat-rate Frank by Jeffrey Howe

Homestead by Jeffrey Coe

Medicine Show Blues by Jeffrey Howe

Last American Lynching by Jeremy Ford and T. Gordon

Stanley Elsa by Joann Buckley Collins and Eric Scott Olson

The Importance of Being Constance by Joann Buckley Collins

The Final Feast by Joel Franke

One Brief Shining Moment by Johanna Wald

Esperancia by John Edward Flynt

Silence by John Edward Flynt

Professor Pepper's Ghost by Jon Miller

The Bastard by Juan Rodriguez-Briso

Forgotten Victory: A Korean War Story by Justin Scott

The First by Kathyrn Powell

The Ugliest Man in Pictures by Ken Krauss

Reality's Sting by Kenneth N. Kurtz

A Fire in the Mind by Kenneth White

Lions of Florence by Kenneth White

Sultana (a.k.a. Castle Morgan) by Lee Lennon-Costanzo

The Eagle in Spring by Leo Sopicki

Red Spy Queen by Leslie Lyshkov

Red Glare by Lyle Weiss

The Last High King by Martha Cotton

Fluke: The Improbabl Rise, Charmed Life, Reckless Amours and Opportune Death of President Harding by Martin Blinder

Go Catch the Devil by Martin Blinder

Mrs. Arnold's War by Martin Blinder

Small Mouths to Feed by Mary Gracen-Farrell

The Wild Heart of Alaska by Mary Albanese

The Outlaw Years by Maura O'Connell

Baghdad by the Bay by Michael Weinreb

Henry Wallace by Michael Long

Phantom Blues The Legend of Robert Johnson by Michael Gossette and John Imsdahl

Star of Africa by Michael Droberg

The Last Indian War by Michael Graf

The Politics of Heroin by Michael Wallach

Venice of America by Michael Graf

Lancer's Down by Montgomery Floyd

Fatherland by Morris Stuttard

Nearly Heroes by Nicholas Brown and Jenny Lederer

Petticoat Rulers by Paul Glen Neuman

Johnstown by Raymond Leech

Shanghaied by Renie Kelly and Mark Nykanen

40-Second Boyd by Rich Fowler

Endurance by Rich Orstad

Palisades by Richard Alvarez

The Baltimore Greys by Richard Geiwitz

The Press by Robert Mellette

General Walker by Robert Rowen

Giovanni and Lusanna by Robin Russin

The Secret of the Smile by Robin Russin

Barnstorming: A Story Of Sex And Baseball by Ronald Drescher

Manhunt In Panama by Ronald Drescher

Young Widow Coffin by Scott Carneal

Players by Sharon Rapose

Riding With Charlie by Shintaro Ogai

Brutal Journey by Thomas Freyer

The Privateer by Thomas Porter

Siege Oysters by Timothy Hastings

Battle of Bunker Hill by Tom Porter

A Good Story by Tony Sbrana

Maidens of Babylon by Tony Grady Martin

Edison's Ghostbox by Travis Seppala

Little Deed and the Conqueror of Satan by Wiktor Grodecki

Hatchet Song by William Vigil

Newton by William Zide

The Maccabees by Zev Ledman

Top 25 Shorts

(Drama, Comedy, Historical/Bio)

Alphabetical order by first name

Tail Slate by B. Paolucci

Lady & Luck by Boris Vymenets

Do Tell by Bree Wyrd

In your hands by Carlo Liberatore

A Thousand Times A Day by Chantelle James

Mr. Roys' Bicycle Repair Shop by Cynthia Chapman

Good Used Goods by Dorian Frankel

Jackie by James Grayford

Lost to the Beyond by James Boyle

Serena by Jaye Nolan

Snowflake Obsidian by Jeffrey Gold

I Met With My Band by Joe McAdoo

Confession by Jonathan Chen

Signs and Blunders by Joy Sunday Okon

One More Run by Kathie O'Brien

The Ride by Kimberly Truong

When the Gods Break the Chains by Leonard Varasano

Movie Night by Lilly Lion

Dog Walker by Martin Bard

The Assassination of Lost Innocence by Qiana Chukura

Manhunt In Panama by Ronald Drescher

One Awesome Golden Shower by Shellee Godfrey

I Love You So Much by Tasha Hardy

Girl, You Better Chill by Tracy Schumer

Deadhead by Virginia Hendry