Feedback Options

Table Read My Screenplay provides feedback from ISA Verified Readers for your screenplay entry at a reasonable additional fee. Select a Feedback Option when you submit your entry.

Full Script Feedback

(2 Pages of Notes)

ISA Development Evaluation

(Up to 5 Pages of Notes)

You know your work inside and out, now it’s time to get a second opinion. We’ll read your full script, and you’ll receive a detailed personalized critique on what we see, what we think, and suggestions on where to go in your next draft.

This is for those looking to submit to the ISA Development Slate. Writers who select this feedback will not only be considered for the Slate but receive suggestions on how to improve overall writing, story, structure, commercial appeal and more.

“Just wanted to extend my gratitude to the reader who provided this feedback. It’s thoughtful, intelligent, indicative of a careful read, and helpful. If the reading process isn’t too cloak and dagger in the name of anonymity, I hope that they will somehow be made aware of my appreciation. Thanks!”Stuart Cardwell
“Really, really appreciated the very specific feedback. Opened my eyes to a lot of things that I hadn’t considered and made so much sense. Please pass on my gratitude to the reader. Thanks!”Jeffrey Amano
“Thank you for the in-depth and concise analysis of my script. I found it to be spot-on and extremely helpful. Further, for the record, whomever wrote it is clearly a very good writer.”Adrian Roman