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Why Screenwriters Need Feedback

Writing is a solitary profession; but screenwriting is a collaborative job. Here are three of the main reasons screenwriters – even aspiring ones – need feedback on their scripts.

 1) Aspiring screenwriters need to know how to evaluate and integrate feedback – it is part of the screenwriter’s job description.

2) Feedback puts the writer in touch with the audience.

3) Working screenwriters automatically generate feedback on their scripts; unproduced writers have to generate their own feedback.

All professional screenwriting jobs involve feedback. Writers attend story meetings before, during and after the writing of the script. If a writer stays attached to a project, these meetings continue all the way to the last day of shooting and sometimes through the editing process and the marketing of the finished film.

Feedback comes in all sizes and flavors — helpful and destructive, professional and amateurish, insightful and dismissible. Sifting out useful feedback from useless dreck is an important skill that all working screenwriters must develop.

Movies need audiences to succeed. Produced screenwriters benefit from the give and take an audience provides. Unproduced writers can also benefit from audience feedback whether this audience reads your screenplay privately or attends a staged reading of your script.

The feedback from this experience will answer these vital questions: Does your script connect with the audience? Have you fully realized your story, your characters, your conflicts? Can you improve on it?

Professional screenwriters have agents and managers who read their original scripts and give them feedback.

When writers are hired to write a screenplay, the producer or studio executive provide development staff to read and evaluate the script at every stage of the writing process.

This feedback comes in the form of notes, conference calls and story meetings.

Just wanted to extend my gratitude to the reader who provided this feedback. It’s thoughtful, intelligent, indicative of a careful read, and helpful. If the reading process isn’t too cloak and dagger in the name of anonymity, I hope that they will somehow be made aware of my appreciation. Thanks!Stuart Cardwell
Really, really appreciated the very specific feedback. Opened my eyes to a lot of things that I hadn’t considered and made so much sense. Please pass on my gratitude to the reader. Thanks!Jeffrey Amano
Thank you for the in-depth and concise analysis of my script. I found it to be spot-on and extremely helpful. Further, for the record, whomever wrote it is clearly a very good writer. Adrian Roman