Lady Parts by Bonnie Gross

Mission College by Jasmine Leyva

A Lady of Vassar by Anthony Fernandez

TOP 10

Mission College by Jasmine Leyva

Call Out by Nir Shelter

Flat-rate Frank by Jeffrey Howe

White Momma by Fredrick Leach

White House 101 by Jack Cusick

I’m Not Jack by Jack Cusick

The Wild Heart of Alaska by Mary Albanese

Wyld by Erin Considine

A Lady of Vassar by Anthony Fernandez

Feature/Pilot Semi-Finalists

Mona by Adam Finley and Gareth Hutchins, Adam Finley
The Clairvoyant by Adrian Prospero
Pick Up by Amy Sullivan
Pledge Mom by Amy Sullivan
A Ballad For Syria by Annie Macdonald and Robert B. Mac
99 by Arthur M Jolly
America First by Barbara Nunberg
Willful Blindness by Barbara Nunberg
Undressing by Becca Ayers
Old MacDonald had a Corpse by Blaze Foster
Lady Parts by Bonnie Gross
Hand by Brandon Trask
Conceptus by Brian Herskowitz
Warrior Warrior Pilot by Brian Michaels
Light by Chase Kuker and Michael Schilf
Saving Harry Snow by Chris Zeller
Shakespeare & Marlowe: A Write Pair by Chris Oneill
The Rise of Quaid and Serendipity by Christopher Fetherolf
Life Is Easy by Clark Kokich
Tapped by Courtney Cilman
His Last Dead Monkey by David Pantano
Hook by David Rocchio
Kayfabe Intercontinental by David Piechowski
Hell For Breakfast by Deborah Seibel
Freefall by Denise Meyers
Girl Trouble by Devi Snively
Analog by Dominic Smith and Molly Ferguson
The Method by Duncan Ralston
The Church Dealer by Elizabeth Clark
Somewhere Lies the Truth by Elizabeth J. Musgrave
Beginner’s History by Emily Cheever
Wyld by Erin Considine
Caged Birds by Fredrick Leach
White Momma by Fredrick Leach
Orville and Mae by Gary Awad
The Six by Gillian Gordon
Muscle and Bark by Gina DeAngelis
Shooting at Ballerinas by Hank Isaac
Hell’s Heaven by Ira Livingston IV and Chars Bonin
I’m Not Jack by Jack Cusick
White House 101 by Jack Cusick
Revolutionary Spy by James Foye
The Franchise by James Grayford
Mission College by Jasmine Leyva
The Steagles by Jeanie Clark
Flat-rate Frank by Jeffrey Howe
Totem by Jeffrey Kennedy
Board to Death by Jodi Teti
Pixylations by Joe Laudati
Red Letter Chronicles by Joe Moore
A Free State by Joel Fishman and Harry W. Kendall
The Romans of Bleecker Street by Joel Fishman
Robert Smalls by John Harris
Odd Man Out by Jymmi Willoughby
Battle Cries by Karen Walker
Paperweight by Katie Scrivner and Michael Sokey
Badass by Kelly Byrnes
Shunned by Kevin Bachar
Whiskey Town by Kim Gauger and Judi Lewison
A Player Born by Kirby Ward
Dream Divers by Leigh Stimolo
Special Skills by Leigh Cesiro and Adam Kaplan
The Bliss Killer by LeLe Park
Unt. Lindsay Farris Project by Lindsay Farris
4Plex by Liza Behles
The Clade by Maria Cozzi
Hit Escape by Mark Reynolds
Senseless Confidential by Marty Beaudet
Chasing the Lemon by Mary Goldman and Tim House
The Wild Heart of Alaska by Mary Albanese
Mind Games by Matthew Manson
Rhapsody by Max Nicholson
Paradize City by Megan Mcmurray
All The People I Like Are Dead by Melody Cooper
Northern Cross by Melody Cooper
A Bellevue Love Story by Michael Wolfe
Kid Midnight by Mychal Sargent
Trigger by Nick McMurdy
Shrimp by Nicole Jones
Call Out by Nir Shelter
Beadwindow by Paul Mooney
Inked In Blood by Paul Corricelli
Headspace by Randy Horton
Finding Christmas Magic by Rena Popp
Passing Through by Robert Rhyne
East of Mecca by Sheila Flaherty
The Violinist’s Daughter by Shelly Drancik
The Last Firefly at Sandpoint by Steve Trebilcock
The Fall by Tamra Teig and Michael Lipoma
Booth by Thomas Cummings and Philip David Black
Frontier Zero by Tod Fennell
Night Sweep by Tony Abbate
Distortion by Travis J Opgenorth
Mother-Daughter by Tricia Lee
Prentice Park and the Missing Monkey by Turi Haim
Ladylove by Vanessa Leigh
I’m With Aids by Warren Wagner
Out From Under by William Robinson
The Food Section by Winston Wood
Forgotten Warrior by Xander Bernstein

Shorts/Web Series Semi-Finalists

Chimera by Alainna MacPherson
A Touch of Blue by Alex Troxler
Maggie’s New Boyfriend by Allison Beda
Service by Anna Forsyth
A Lady of Vassar by Anthony Fernandez
Kris by Chad Dowdy
Lydia’s Tree by Colleen Asbury
Braving the Night by Daniel Feldman and Joshua Kushner
The Road to Glenfinnan by David Dinning and David McDermott
Playground Tales: Children of War by Eric White
Intrigue at Rasputin’s Cove by George Bigelow
Bureau 121 by Helene Taylor
Saint. Sinner by J. Franklin Evans
For Pete’s Sake by Katterina Powers
Dating at Dawn by Mark Christopher Boyd
The Redemption of Frank Malone by Mary Goldman
The Welcomers by Matt O’Connor
Danielle’s Brain by Matthew Schutt
Leaks by Matthew Schutt
Sundown by Melody Cooper
Time-Sensitive by Michael Berlind
Manifest (The Artist) by Mila Johansen
The Watch by Rachel Thomas-Medwid
Just For Him by Robbie Robertson
See You Later by Willis von Werner

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