$6,000 in Cash + Table Read + Consideration for Development

Grand Prize Announcement: June 8th

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An Unparalleled Table Read Experience

With a professional table read, the Grand Prize Winner will receive $1000 and gain insight into their script from a working director and trained actors as it is rehearsed and performed, then showcased for an audience online. This is how Oscar-winning writers tighten their story, sharpen their dialogue and fine-tune pacing, character and other important elements of their latest projects. Past winners have been staffed, premiered at Cannes and been nominated for an Oscar among other successes

The Top 10 Finalists will receive $500 cash each and have a meeting with an agent, manager or executive mentor.

General Meetings with Industry Pros

Each of the Top 10 Finalists will meet with an agent, manager or exec from one of our industry partnerships. These mentors are looking for clients to represent and material to produce. This season's mentors will include:


Tom Zaleski - Junior Development Executive

Tom is a Junior Development Executive for film and television at Intrigue Entertainment. Originally from Boston, Tom attended Kenyon College in Ohio and graduated with a bachelor’s in history. He has a passion for all things film and history related.



Waheed AlQawasmi - Director/Producer

AlQawasmi is a multiple Emmy® award-winning director and producer. He spent over five years with Fox Television serving as Creative Director where he undertook the promotional launch for TV shows such as THE FOLLOWING and NEW GIRL. He has created content for a long list of notable clients including GoDaddy, Cheerios, and Reba McEntire, through his company WAFilms. He directed a documentary entitled LIVES RESTARTED which can be found on Amazon Prime. Born in Amman, Jordan, AlQawasmi immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 13.


Ria Pavia - Director, Writer

Ria Pavia is a director, writer and acting/dialogue coach. Her film directorial debut, Second Team, nabbed 16 awards at various prestigious festivals, wrapping up at the American Pavilion’s Emerging Filmmaker Showcase at Cannes this year. Pavia was selected as one of 15 helmers for Sony’s Diverse Directing Program - Class of 2022.

In the theatre world, Pavia has collaborated with Noah Wyle, Jennifer Aniston and Mark Ruffalo; directing over 45 plays and musicals. She recently wrapped her 5th season as acting coach on Freeform’s Grownish and directed her first music video starring Trevor Jackson in partnership with TikTok and Apple. The comedic sketches she directed for The Tam & Kevin Show are now viewable on Second City’s streaming platform.

More mentor meetings to be announced.

Past Seasons Have Included Execs From:



1 Grand Prize

(Selected From Top 10)

  • $1000 Cash

    In addition to the Top 10 Prize Money

  • Table Read

    Experience a virtual table read of your script workshopped by a professional director and actors

  • Roundtable with Industry Executives

    Participate in a roundtable Q&A discussion with the director, actors and industry execs following your table read. Learn More

  • Pitch Practice & Guidance

    This includes revision notes on the winning script and advice on pitch deck creation.

  • Meeting with an Executive from Legion M

    Learn more about Legion M

  • Two 1-Hour Sessions with Suzanne Gundersen of ScreenwriteNOW

    Suzanne mentors screenwriters and industry creatives to clear the path that lets their writing flow. Learn More

  • Industry Insight

    Receive access to our industry contacts' current mandates plus development of a personalized producer outreach plan.

  • 16-Year Copyright

    Provided by Creators Vault

  • 12-Month ISAConnect Membership

    Connect with industry pros, submit to paid writing gigs and more.

  • Script Studio

    Receive Script Studio's Hollywood Hits Volume 1

  • Plus Top 10 Prizes

Top 10

(Features / TV Pilots)

  • $500 Cash Each

  • General Meeting with an Agent, Manager or Executive

  • ISA Development Slate Consideration

    Development Slate writers are championed to top agents, managers and producing contacts. Learn More

  • Consideration by Legion M

    Learn more about Legion M

  • 1-Hour session with Suzanne Gundersen of ScreenwriteNOW

    Suzanne mentors screenwriters and industry creatives to clear the path that lets their writing flow. Learn More

  • Script Studio

    Copy of the ultimate writer's toolbox, Script Studio

  • 10-Year Copyright

    Provided by Creators Vault

  • Consideration for Grand Prize

    1 of the 10 Finalists will be selected as the Grand Prize Winner

  • 1-Year WrapPro Membership

    $150 value provided by The Wrap

The Director: David Mahmoudieh

Iranian-made, UK-raised, US-based and Korean-owned; writer/director David Mahmoudieh likens his family gatherings to a summit at the UN!

David began as a director of commercials and music videos before founding his production company, AlphaWolves, through which he directs and produces for clients including Google, Yahoo & Porsche. David won the ECU Screenwriting Contest with his spec script RAIN — the story of a young girl with an allergy to water — now in development as a six-part mini-series. Selected for Sony Television’s Diverse Directors Program, David recently directed his first episode of network television for Warner Bros/The CW’s hit show, Superman & Lois. His short-film Snake Dick played at multiple Oscar-qualifying film festivals worldwide winning numerous awards, and is currently being developed into a feature. David is also attached to direct the feature Worth, based on his adaptation of the graphic novel, for Star Trek creators Roddenberry Entertainment.

Closest to his heart, David is a proud Industry Ambassador for Kids In The Spotlight, a charity which helps foster kids write their own short films and pairs them up with directors.  David’s latest film for the program, Bully, stars Ariel Winter and Terry Crews and will be hitting major festivals later this year. 

Meet with an Exec from Legion M

The Grand Prize Winner will meet with an executive from Legion M, the fan-owned entertainment company whose projects include:

The Man in the White Van
Jay & Silent Bob
Save Yourselves

Table Read Winner Success


Shopping Agreement

Recent winner Emily Wahlund's project TWO IN A MILLION was put on a shopping agreement with Creative Screenwriter Productions, leading to further development meetings with Academy Award winning producer Lisa Bruce.

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ISA Development Slate Invitation

Kirk Weddell was discovered by the ISA after being selected as the Table Read Horror/Sci-Fi Genre Winner and was invited onto the ISA Development Slate.

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Staffed By Major Networks

After winning TRMS, Elaine Loh was announced as one of ISA's Top 25 Screenwriters to Watch. She has since been accepted into the HBO Access Writers Program, and staffed on the reboot of Gossip Girl for HBO Max.  She was recently promoted to Story Editor on Dynasty for the CW.

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TRMS Winner Gains Representation

Since winning TRMS, Derek Asaff has been signed by Lee Stobby Entertainment and was accepted into the Universal Writers Program. His competition-winning script THE WHEELMAN was optioned to Sony and Original FiIm.

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TRMS Winning Short Premieres at Cannes 


Denise Meyers Table Read-Winning script, The Dark of Night, directed by Robin Wright and starring Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb, is now a film and had its red carpet premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. Meyers also optioned three projects with actor and producer Jay Ellis, who stars as Lawrence on HBO’S Insecure, and his producing partner, Aaron Bergman.

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TRMS Winner Hired After Table Read Event


After attending her winning table read, ROTU Entertainment hired Shane Elizabeth to write a script for their VR game and serve as a Script Supervisor during production. She was also hired by Datura Studios to write a biopic feature.

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ISA Development Slate Invitation

Writing partners and Table Read Grand Prize Winners Adelita E. Lopez and Amanda Lopez were invited onto the ISA Development Slate following their win.

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Unparalleled Career Development

The Top 10 Finalists will be considered for acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate where our team will get them and their scripts in front of producers, agents and managers.

Over 80 scripts from ISA Development Slate writers have been produced, optioned or sold.

Our industry partners include:

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“Winning Table Read…changed the trajectory of my career and amplified my hard work in ways both wonderful and unexpected. I’ve pushed deep into the space where my writing goals have been – I found some amazing representation at Magnet Management and been hired to write two TV movies.”




Early: December 20th

Features/Pilots  - $39

Regular: January 10th

Features/Pilots  - $49

Final: February 23rd

Features/Pilots  - $69

Extended: March 8th

Features/Pilots  - $69


March 23rd

April 6th

Top 10 Finalists
May 25th

Grand Prize Winner
June 8th




Mega Early: March 17th

Features/Pilots  - $29
Shorts/Web Series - $19

Early: Oct. 14th

Features/Pilots  - $49
Shorts/Web Series - $29

Regular: Nov. 23rd

Features/Pilots  - $69
Shorts/Web Series - $49

Final: Dec. 23rd

Features/Pilots  - $69
Shorts/Web Series - $49

Extended: Dec. 30th

Features/Pilots  - $69
Shorts/Web Series - $49



Features & TV Pilots

January 20th

Top 100 of Each Genre:
February 3rd

Top 10 of Each Genre:
February 24th

Genre Winners:
March 10th

Feature/TV Pilot Grand Prize Winner
March 10th

Shorts & Web Series

Top 25:
February 3rd

Top 10:
February 24th

Short Grand Prize Winner
March 10th

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  • Writers under the age of 18 years old must have parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate.
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  • Script Length Guidelines: Feature – (70 – 120 pages), TV Pilots – (10 – 70 pages)
  • Scripts longer than recommended length will still be considered for the contest and will not be disqualified.
  • If a screenplay is submitted for feedback and is over 120 pages, an additional service fee of $1 per page will apply; the writer will be invoiced separately for the fee. If the writer does not wish to pay an additional fee, the Feedback Reader will be instructed to read the first 120 pages only.
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