Final Deadline: May 2nd

The Table Read My Screenplay – Screenplay Contest will help you to propel your screenwriting career forward with a transformative Table Read showcase experience, an opportunity to confidently pitch to a range of over 200 industry professionals with the title of “Grand Prize Winner” at the 23rd Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival, and a support mechanism for layering a long-term career with an invitation to be a part of the elite ISA Development Slate.

Live Table Read in Hollywood
Career Development
Live Table Read &
The Hollywood Pitch Festival

The Grand Prize Winner and ISA Hollywood Writer Award Winner will gain exposure through a live Table Read at the 23rd Annual Hollywood Pitch Festival, then participate in a weekend of pitch events on August 2-4 with over 200 prominent HollywoodHollywood studios, agencies, producers, management and production companies. Learn More

“I could not have enjoyed my experience as the Grand Prize Winner more. Everyone at [TRMS] was so supportive, helping to organize a beautiful night with talented actors who were able to bring my words to life…I also participated in the Hollywood Pitch Festival and had meetings with several networks and production companies…I signed a shopping agreement for one of my pilots, and was asked to develop another pilot and a feature. The notice given to me from this one contest was phenomenal and I appreciated being taken on to the ISA Development Slate and named one of the Top 25 Writers to Watch in 2019.”Elaine Loh (TRMS Hollywood 2018)

After the Table Read…

A live table read and industry exposure at the festival is only the beginning of our support. The ISA Development team continues to work with you and get your script in front of producers, literary representatives and other Industry executives. 58 Scripts from ISA Development Slate writers have been optioned or produced in the last few years.

Shorts Prize Winner

The Shorts Prize Winner (includes Web Series Pilots) receives $750 Cash, the ability to have their screenplay read aloud by actors on the Curious About Screenwriting Network – over 10,000 downloads per month, and a consideration for the ISA Development Slate.

3 Winners This Season

Grand Prize Winner (Feature or TV Pilot)
Hollywood Writer Award
Shorts Prize Winner (& Web Series Pilots)

Prizes and Exposure From:

Success Stories

TRMS Grand Prize Winning Short Premieres at Cannes

Denise Meyers’s 2015 Table Read My Screenplay – Austin Grand Prize Winning short, The Dark of Night, directed by Robin Wright and starring Sam Rockwell and Leslie Bibb, had its red carpet premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in May.
Read More

2017 OSCAR nominee and TRMS Grand Prize Winner Timo von Gunten to direct Eiffel

Von Gunten’s 2015 TRMS Park City Short Grand Prize winning romantic drama screenplay, La Femme et le TGV has been nominated for an Academy Award in the live action shorts category. Listen to the podcast.