New Orleans

Danielle GreenNew Orleans Winners

Ironwork galleries on the Streets of French Quarter decorated for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Louisiana


Going Sane by R.B. Ripley and Gregory Wells

Primal Directive by Nich Peltz

Neuro Confinement by Rory White


2nd Place: Intelligents by Scott Reynolds

3rd Place: Chlora & Phyll by M Rowan Meyer

4th Place: Boston Marriage by Leslie Linder

5th Place: Neuro Confinement Rory White

6th Place: Wrong Number Devin Mainville

7th Place: One White Crow by Pippa Hinchley

8th Place: Pressing Buttons by Amanda Richardson

9th Place: A Passionate Man by Martin Blinder

10th Place: Unholy Toledo by Mary Goldman and Tim House


Jeff the Cyborg Who Works at the Mall by Adam Modiano

The Louisiana Conspiracy by Adam Pachter

Sexy Little Nothings by Alexandra Houska

Pressing Buttons by Amanda Richardson

The Honour Diary by Amir Mohabbat

Do Over by Angela Bourassa

The Defenders by Antoine Tardif

Burner by Bob Canning

Kpop by Brendan Vogel

Half of Nana by Briana Bleecker

Cape Angel Blues by Carl B Clark

Maxwell by Carlota Blanco Santini

Stockholm Syndrome by Chad Gordon

A Woman, Untitled by Charles Lane

Lunch Lady by Colleen Asbury

Universal Monster by Constantine Nasr

Sovereign Citizen by Craig Peters

Hello, I Live Here by Dani Messerschmidt

There’s Something in the Trunk by Daniel J. Egbert

Somnia by Danielle Davis

Christmas Village Junction by David Hill

Hook by David Rocchio

Planet of Stones by David Beshears

Truth Against the World by Denise Meyers

Wrong Number by Devin Mainville

A Fish Story by Donald Hayes

MurderSlut by Eilis Cahill

Board Games by Emanuel Nisan

Cul An Ti (The Back of The House) by Emma Pyne

Einjoye by Emre Ozpirincci

Salem High by Eric Edward Glawe

The Blue Code by Frances Presley Rice

The Macabre Man by Gabriel Perez

White Owls by Gaye Fowler

Emma’s War by Glenn Mitchell

Crime Extraordinaire by Howard Fridkin

Unconscionable by Howard Fridkin

Beyond Shadows by Irene Herbruger

Evening Sun Dying: Pilot by Jake Smith

Bon Apetit by James Booth

Demons of El Dorado by James Turner

The Dawn of Eve by James Bingham

Revengeance by Jeff Malphurs

Quantum Dreams by Jeffrey Gold

Heartland in Hood by John McHale & Xavier Jackson

Harm for the Holidays by Jonathan LaPoma

The Breaker-Upper by Jonathan Westbrook

The Unconquerable by Jonathan Fear

Rebearth by Josh Shapiro

Lapu Lapu, Chief of Mactan by Joy Regullano

Adult Children by Kathleen Sears

Kidicide by Kelly Jean Karam

The Joyrider by Kirk Davis

The Sculptor by Kris Lippert

Ghosted by Laetesia Ible

The Sensitive by Larry Woldenberg

Boston Marriage by Leslie Linder

Sister Hoods by Lorinda Donovan

Under the Influence by Louis & Tom Tripodes

Chlora & Phyll by M Rowan Meyer

Dating At Dawn by Mark Christopher Boyd

A Passionate Man by Martin Blinder

Unholy Toledo by Mary Goldman & Tim House

Boxed In by Matthew Walker

Undocumented by Melissa White

Audubon by Michael Begg & Barry A. Lemoine

Happy Birthday Alice by Michael Richey

Jook by Mugs Cahill

Primal Directive by Nicholas Peltz

Magical Ride by Niki Smart

Enemyway by Patricia Meyer

One White Crow by Pippa Hinchley

Going Sane by R.B. Ripley

The Stronger by Randall Whittinghill

Underdoc by Regine Anour

Our Road by Richard Carlos

The Flid Show by Richard Willett

Where the Girls Aren’t by Rob Putnam

AT-RISK by Robbie Robertson

Jamestown by Robbie Robertson

Pretty Ugly by Robbie Robertson

Rational Panic by Robert Rhyne

The Extremist by Ron Peer

Neuro Confinement by Rory White

Baggage by Ryan Elkins

On the Sidelines by Sam Greisman

Intelligents by Scott Reynolds

Martyr by Scott Pittock

Probable Cause by Shane McCabe

Jon and Joan by Sherise Dorf

The Last Battle of Wichita by Stephen Paine

Last Rifle by Steven Lane Smith

Beck & Call by Susan Loeffler & Sheri Davenport

Becoming Terpsichore by Susan Polk

Fighting Johnny O’Brian by Terry Lynam

Inmates Working by Thom McIntyre

The Reconstruction of Huck Finn (Over Mark Twain’s Dead Body!) by Tim Plaehn

The Abominable Snowman by Timothy Quinlan

Origin Point by Victor Grippi

Southern Cross by Vin Morreale